4×4 Accessories You Simply Must Have

By | February 7, 2024

Choosing a 4×4 is due to its capability to get you out of town for a family camping getaway on weekends. It is because the basic stock form of the 4×4 proves its capability to carry family members and gear in one go.

However, spending time on remote places and dirt roads is probably the top reason for avid road travelers to choose a 4×4. For experienced 4×4 road warriors, the more complex 4×4 accessories are always top choices.

While some 4×4 accessories are basic, there are some must-have 4×4 accessories capable of making the adventure exciting, comfortable, and safe, too.


Roof Racks

Roof racks, humble as they seem to be, are designed to create more space from inside the 4×4. Stowing and storing away large items on the roof racks frees up more room inside. Add an awning and you’ve got yourself an instant sunshade whenever you happen to be. However, testing your roof racks is capable of carrying a kayak or bike is smart before you run off.


12-Volt Power

Driving out on off-the-beaten tracks of the outback should include extra battery power. You’ll find that you need a power connection in the middle of nowhere for your satellite phones, fridge, camp lighting, and more. The extra electrical power provided by a 12-Volt power battery ensures to keep the power going until you reach civilisation. The comfort provided by the extra battery makes them an essential 4×4 accessory to have on hand.



Ignoring what lies beneath your 4×4 is not recommended especially when your plans include traversing sandy, rocky or uneven roads. Making your suspension reliable is smart if you want trouble-free road travel.

Remember, too, to choose a quality product rather than going for untested products. If you want a fully protected rig at all times, spending a bit on quality products provides good value for your money.


Driving lights

The absence of light makes country roads or the outback dark as soon as the sun goes down. Seeing further down the road is achieved when the choice is a set of quality driving lights. Less stress on the eyes and safe travelling are the top benefits gained when opting for quality driving lights.

The driving lights not only light up the road- they also allow you to see wildlife roaming on the roads, saving you from accidentally hitting them.


Bull Bar

A bull bar is a must-have accessory when you plan on going on an offroad adventure. Bull bars are available in plastic, alloy or steel. The steel bull bar is the best choice when you want full rig protection. However, your GVM weight is the determining factor when it comes to the choice of a bull bar.


A dependable 12-volt fridge

Cooking steak over a campfire and topping it off with a cold and icy drink becomes possible when the rig is equipped with a dependable 12-volt fridge. Having it on your rig provides a convenience you will learn to appreciate once far from civilisation. With this, having one makes it a must-have accessory for any 4×4.



Good tyres are essential 4×4 accessories to invest in. The size of tyres you choose depends on your needs. Yet, rolling over challenging or undulating terrain is easier with bigger-sized tyres. The varied tread patterns also depend on your preference. All-terrain tyres are a good choice when long trips are the plan




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