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We have been in the mining business for several years and have been responsible of mining high volumes of minerals from all over Australia over the past few decades.

least amount of wastage.

We have made it possible to extract the minerals very efficiently with the least amount of wastage. We are growing in size rapidly and a great growth rate. Although a newer entrant in the market as opposed to several other competitors in the market, we are competing really well in the market with the volumes extracted every quarter. We are determined to grow further at the same appealing rate for the next several years to come and achieve new milestones every day.

Services rendered

We have rights and mines to extract

We have rights and mines to extract several minerals from all over Australia including Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. Our major products include copper, iron ore, coal and nickel.

our own mining,

Apart from our own mining, we also offer our machinery and expertise to mine on your land in case you suspect minerals under it.


we have very reasonable prices in our mining packages and we also give free consultation about the mining tactics and areas and depths to be mined. Hence, you can make great profits and recover all your costs of mining.

Our highlight

best quality

We make sure to use the best quality and high tech machinery which are imported from across the globe and are very efficient and effective

Our wastage rate

Our wastage rate is very low as compared to our competitors which ensures that you earn the best profits by selling high mined volumes.

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Tips for purchasing a commercial gas deep fryer

Commercial gas deep fryers are a great option for restaurants or food businesses which are looking to create delicious and crisp food. The fryer ensures that the food is crispy as on the outside but moist and flavourful on the inside.

There is a whole lot of variety of the fryers available in the market it is necessary for you to look for one which is ideal for your kitchen use. The following are the different types of commercial deep fryers which are available and the features that you should be on the lookout for.

Different types of commercial gas deep fryers

There are a number of deep fryers which are available. The most common of these are the tube fryers which come with the series of tube shape gas powered heating element. These are attached permanently to the bottom of the tubes. This allows for rapid heating and proper distribution of heat. Commercial fryers are known for sediment zones which are areas inside the pot where the oil does not get as hot as the rest of the zone. This means that it is ideal for heavy breaded food items like Chops and fish sticks. The large amount of sediment can settle into the zone and will not get scorched and will not affect the flavour of the oil.

Another reason to purchase a commercial fryer for the kitchen is it versatility. It can cook different types of food items which include breaded items as well as battered items like onion rings and French fries.

You can even choose to go for an open pot commercial fryer which is distinguished by its open drum. The heating element is not submerged in oil thus allowing bottom to be open and easy to clean as well. It has a V shaped bottom and the burners are attached outside the frying pot.

The basket of food can be lifted easily when the cooking is done. Most of these are powered by gas and have heating elements which allow for a uniform distribution of heat and proper cooking.

When it comes to flat bottom fryers you have to choose between the open top fryer as well as a flat bottom. The heating element is attached to the bottom of the frying pot and it has a more rectangular heat transfer area which allows for quick heating and Energy Efficiency. How ever there are no sediment zones in the flat bottom fryer so there is always a chance of the food getting burnt especially if it falls to the bottom it can also affect the flavour of the food. Therefore it is essential that you not choose this if you plan on frying breaded items.

If your kitchen facility only deals in specific food items then you can even go for speciality deep fryers which only cook specific kinds of food. For example you have the funnel cake fryer which has a wide and shallow fry pot and comes with a flat bottom so that the funnel cake can float at the top of the oil when it is done. On the other hand corn dog commercial deep fryer have a narrow and rectangular so that the condoms can be dipped vertically into the oil while cooking. On the other hand doughnut deep fryers are somewhat similar to the funnel cake deep fryer. They also have a large and shallow frying pot with the flat bottom.



Tips for buying acoustic wall panels

Noise pollution is a common problem of most work spaces. It can cause a serious problem especially for employees who are engaged in serious work. This is why it is important to purchase acoustic wall panels. The following are a few things that you need to know before you purchase wall panels for your office.

Acoustic panels are used to improve the sound quality of a space. It is made from sound absorbing products which can improve the acoustics of the place. These can help dampen the noise and are available in a white variety of designs and patterns so that they can also improve the aesthetics of the work area.


Why invest in acoustic wall panels

Offices with their  open floors can lead to a great deal of noise. This can be quite distracting for workers and can also lower the productivity. Also a lot of noise is a long run can lead to serious health issues related to hearing problems.

It is critical the work space is productive. If people are unable to understand the directions they would not be able to follow them properly and this can have a negative impact on their performance.

Sound absorbing panels are made from materials like microbial wool. It can prevent the repetitive echo of the sound inside the room. It can create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere which can improve the environment.


Acoustic wall panels are aesthetic

These days acoustic wall panels are available in a variety of styles and design. You can choose from a number of colors and patterns to make sure that it blends well into the work space.

It is advisable to install the acoustic wall panels in spaces where the sound hits the walls. If the room has a single sound source it would be easy to identify. In case they are groups of people working in a single space it is necessary that you install them at a height of 3 to 6 feet for better results. On the other hand if the office comprises of odd shaped rooms with complex sound sources, it is best to get advice from the professionals at the local acoustic shop. They would send a professional to identify the source of the noise and place the acoustic panel strategically to reduce and dampen the noise.

You can choose to have the panels attached to the frame or these can also be fixed directly to the walls. There are certain panels which are fixed in a way so as to leave a gap between the wall and the panel for better results.

Acoustic panels are a great way of reducing the noise in the room. Plus these are also impact resistant and can also absorb the shock. The wall panels are designed from environment friendly materials which are free from any sort of chemicals including formaldehyde. There is absolutely no toxicity and will not lead to any sort of allergies.

Make sure that you install high-quality acoustic sound-absorbing panels for your walls and ceilings to prevent unwanted sounds from causing distractions in your workspace.


What are the reasons for people to use Storage Wodonga?

You might be wondering why storage, Wodonga seems to be popping all over Wodonga all of a sudden? What are the reasons for people to use storage, Wodonga? What do people usually store away in storage units?

Multiple reasons make people rent storage units, including:


The easier organisation of a home renovation

Tearing off the walls and roof of the existing house happens when you need to build additional space. Renovating the home often needs emptying it of furniture, appliances, and other household items. Space emptying allows for free working on the renovation.

Renting a storage unit is a clean and safe option to store your valuables while the renovation is ongoing.


Provide a stress-free moving house experience

Moving house is a situation that people experience many different circumstances. It is always a stressful process whether the move is to a new home or another state.

Some of the moving issues get a good solution with the renting of a storage unit. Renting a storage unit while moving out provide a host of benefits, including:

  • A pushed-back closing date. The closing date of a new home and meeting the deadline of moving out of your old place seldom coincide. In times like this, renting a storage unit is your best option. While moving out becomes a twice-over process, you are assured of the safety of your valuables while waiting for the availability of your new home.
  • Combination of two homes. An elderly parent or parents moving into the home combines two homes. Excess stuff most likely happens. This transition period becomes less stressful with the extra storage provided by a storage unit.
  • Home staging. A real estate staging means decluttering the home. The selling process means that the house presents its best features minus the clutter. Renting a storage unit offers an ideal solution in storing away all your heavy items.
  • Travelling overseas. A home base for all your items is achieved with the help of a storage unit. Travelling overseas becomes stress-free, knowing that your valuables are safe in the storage unit.
  • House downsizing. Moving from a bigger house to a smaller one can become an issue with the excess items. When sorting through your items is not an immediate option, stashing them away in a storage unit is the best move. This allows you time to sort through them at your convenient time.


Declutter the home

Decluttering the home is every wish and desire of many homeowners. However, getting rid of items can be hard especially when they have sentimental value or belong to a member of the family.

Renting a storage unit offers a slow decluttering process while keeping the home clean and tidy. House decor can also be switched from time to time by recycling the items stored in the storage unit.


A great option for organising a business inventory

The raw materials and stocks of a home business can quickly overwhelm the space.  A storage unit is an affordable solution to keep track of your business inventory without them taking over your entire home.


There are always valid reasons for people to rent a storage unit. Life often presents varied transitions than the complications of owning too much stuff. Contact us to know more about Wodonga storage solutions.


How to avoid spending so much on car repairs on Strathpine

Whenever you fail to take care of your car in Strathpine, you increase the chances of spending so much on your car repair costs. However, every time you are using your car and failing to take care of it, it is important for you to know that car repairs can be expensive. Also, failing to take care of your car compromises your safety as the durability and convenience of your car.

Therefore, you must make sure that you maintain the condition of your car to ensure that you are safe when driving, the car lasts longer and you spend less on your car repairs. Most people think that you cannot control the amount of money you spend on repairs but you do. There are certain things that you can do to reduce the costs that you incur with your car repairs in Strathpine.


Things that can help you reduce your repair costs in Strathpine

If you have been spending so much money with your repairs, it is because you do not do the following things:

  • Maintain and service your car regularly

Whenever you are buying your car you need to know that this investment comes with responsibility. One of the things you’re responsible for with your car is taking it for regular car servicing and maintenance. During the car servicing and maintenance, your mechanic makes sure that he or she inspects your car to look for any issues that are required to be fixed. This means that any issue with your car is fixed as soon as possible, meaning that you don’t spend money on repairs. Also, car servicing and maintenance is that your car is in the right condition and therefore he spends less on repairs.

  • Driving your car with care

The condition of your car depends on how you drive your car. Many people think that they can drive their cars anyhowly and therefore they end up interfering with their cars’ conditions. When you drive your car carefully and extend the life of its brakes, tires, and clutch and you also save on your fuel costs. If you want to spend less on car repairs in strathpine you need to drive your car carefully.

  • Use the right type of oil

Most lube shops will tell you to use any type of oil you find in the market. Way back when your car manufacturers were making your car they recommended the best type of when you need to use for your car’s engine and all its components. Using the right type of oil helps you protect the engine from any premature damage overheating or building up of sludge. If you use the wrong type of oil your engine will not be protected from any damage and then you will spend more on repair costs which could be avoided by using the right type of oil.

  • Fix any issues with your car immediately they arise

The other way to reduce your car repair cost is to repair any car issues immediately. Whenever you repair car issues when they arise you prevent them from becoming worse. For this reason, you spend less on your car repairs.

You might think that you cannot do something to reduce your repair costs but you can. Also, remember to hire a professional mechanic from MP Auto Repairs in Strathpine to help with your car repairs. This way, you will be sure that all the problems with your car will be fixed completely.


What to know about street and park furniture


Street and park furniture entail items set in public spaces usually at urban centres. Public spaces include fountains, bus stops, telephone boxes, flower gardens among others. This furniture includes stands for the bicycle and shelters, bollards for parking, litter bins, etc. Street furniture offers comfort more conveniently thus ensuring the safety of both visitors and locals that use them.


Design for street and park furniture is in constant evolution each day. Varying influences and trends affect the way designs are crafted. This makes it a little cumbersome to obtain a perfect match that fulfils one’s desire. However, if fused nicely with the environment around, what results is a surrounding that is tranquil and soothing.


On that note, it is fair to mention how vital getting the perfect furniture is which suits the purpose. The first important guideline is to find out the amount you are likely to spend on procuring a piece of furniture. The fact that these items are exposed to all sorts of environmental elements justifies the need to spend more to get items of quality.


Quality and design should be the number preference before making a purchase. The furniture should have been prepared with durable material to withstand torture from weather elements since its use is intended for the majority of people in the specified public space. Suggestible materials include plastic as well as metal as they can tolerate or rather withstand unforgiving weather conditions such as snowfalls and tough winds.


Additionally, situating this furniture in spaces of heavy traffic of people is another paramount factor worth considering. Some public spaces are occupied by more people than others so it’s up to an individual or the local authority to find out which spaces are the most ideal.


Shape and design should take into account the safety of the users. For instance, furniture that is designed for kids should have smooth angles for the prevention of possible injuries.


Three major emphases concerning street furniture entail safety, comfort, and functionality.

For instance, each piece of furniture is developed to fulfil a specific objective. Consider the shelters at bus stations. They are meant to shelter the people against heat from the sun as we rain. Bicycle stands and/or shelters secure bicycles left by their owners with the trust of the safety of the bicycles.


Safety on the other hand is a concern for every individual. Bollards for parking, secure vehicles, and people in areas of heavy traffic. Similarly, barriers serve the same purpose thus minimising the risk of potential accidents. They are usually installed to warn of any possible obstruction likely to be met.


Street furniture offers comfort to outdoor users in places where they are set. This comfort often comes with the feeling of fulfilment and enjoyment of the surrounding environment. Imagine a park that lacks a bench to sit on and find rest on a sunny day! How awful.


Street furniture is beneficial not only to public users but to individuals for their safety as well. It is, therefore, paramount to protect them against any vandalism or damage. By doing so, you will be ensuring that they serve the objective in the public space where they were set for the greater good of the public which you are a part of.

Grillex supply commercial outdoor furniture. Check out their catalogue on their website.



Five Benefits of Kubota Parts for Your Tractor

Kubota is one of the largest worldwide known tractor manufacturing firms. The company is also known for manufacturing tractor parts that can replace worn-out parts. The company has opened its branches in several companies including Australia. With the availability of resources, technology, and labour in Australia, the company in Australia is thriving beyond the owners’ expectations.

If you are a tractor owner, you may find it difficult to decide on the type of tractor part to buy to replace the broken one. There are more than a hundred reasons why you need to buy the Kubota tractor parts. The following are some of the major reasons that make Kubota parts the best choice.

Reasons why Kubota parts are the better choice

  • They are durable

There is no doubt that Kubota tractor parts are very strong because they are made from the finest resources. They are usually not the ones to wear down easily and can serve you for a long time. So if you want durable and resilient tractor parts, then you need to trust the Kubota parts.

  • They are compatible

Unlike other brands which can only be fixed to the tractor of that brand, Kubota parts are usually compatible with other brands and you do not necessarily need to have a Kubota tractor to acquire these parts. Hence, you are sure that the parts you are purchasing will match your tractor specifications. Remember that fixing incompatible parts to your tractor could lead to ineffectiveness and inefficiency.

  • They are affordable

Although it is one of the most known brands in the world, Kubota parts are usually affordable to tractor owners. This is important keeping in mind that a great percentage of tractor owners are peasant farmers and cannot afford to spend a lot of money on tractor parts.

  • They are readily available

Since Kubota company has spread its branches throughout the world, their tractor parts are readily available and one wastes no time in getting one. Alternatively, you can easily order Kubota parts online on their official website. This can save a lot of time and money if you can’t seem to find the Kubota parts in your area.

  • They are all-weather-solutions

Another advantage of dealing with Kubota parts is that they can be used in all kinds of weather. The parts are made from strong and durable metals that are resistant to rust and high temperatures. Thus, with Kubota parts, it does not matter whether you are working during winter, summer, autumn, or spring.

Why can buying Kubota parts online be savvy?

If you happen to be close to Kubota parts dealing shops, then you can physically approach the store and order the part of your desire. However, if you are not any way close to such a shop and you just can’t see any shop that is selling Kubota parts and tracks, then it is high time that you stop looking and make use of your smartphone to get the Kubota parts online.

Being a well-established company, Kubota has one of the best websites in the world where visitors can easily find what they are looking for. They distribute their products across the world and you have to check whether they ship their products to your location or nearest town. Kubota parts will never fail you and they are worth every single penny. Therefore, you need to invest in Kubota parts to avoid disappointments.


An Insight Into The Australian Mining Industry

The Australian mining sector is not simply important to the regional economic situation. Mining was an important procedure in Australia since the gold hurry of the center 1800s after gold down payments were discovered throughout the continent. The exploration of gold likewise produced rate of passion in various other minerals and treasures that might potentially remain in the area and the outcome was mining ending up being a key element of the Australian gdp.

Priceless Steels and Gems

Gold was a key mining item in Australia for over 150 years. Besides China, Australia is the world’s top gold producer. Gold mining was the first flourish for the island, leading to the facility of the city of Melbourne. Australia is likewise the worldwide leader in opal manufacturing, in addition to a substantial quantity of ruby mining. Australia generates over 95% of international opal materials. Rubies are likewise an essential element of the Australian mining sector, as they place 3rd globally behind Russia and Africa.

Commercial Power Sources

Australia is likewise a substantial producer of various other important resources. Iron ore is a core item for the Australian mining sector. They are the 4th biggest coal producer worldwide and the world’s top coal exporter. A lot of countries that mine coal don’t import a lot of the manufacturing, however Australia is positioned in a way and down payments are so huge that they lead in delivery worldwide. They are a key producer in the hemisphere, in addition to China. Australia is likewise 2nd just to China in the manufacturing of zinc, generating virtually 15% of world materials. Australia is the home of several of the biggest uranium down payments worldwide, however uranium is a delicate item due to its utilize as a weapons-grade armed forces raw product, despite the fact that it’s likewise utilized as a key power source for basic utilize.

Australian Mining Companies: Boom Goes the Gold Dynamite

Gold mining was about since old times. Gold is a valuable steel extensively decorated and very valued around the world. In a lot of worlds gold was, and possibly still is, a fundamental part of their corresponding economic climates since it was, or still is, made use of as a kind of money in trading.Gold mining, along with various other commercial mining, has spread out around the world. From Africa to Alaska and India to Australia, the world is full of treasures waiting to be uncovered and mined.

Australian mining firms started procedures with the objective to enhance the economic situation along with collect the gold existing in delay. Australia is honored with abundant gold mines and books – 40% of the world’s gold was created in Australia in the mid 1850’s. Presently, Australian mining firms are broadening to various other nations.

Minerals and sources mined by Australian mining firms consist of iron, nickel, bauxite, light weight aluminum, copper, gold, silver, uranium, ruby, opal, zinc, coal, oil shale, oil, gas, and uncommon earths. Australian mining firms permit financial investment of supplies to those thinking about offering economic “support” too, which includes financial get for the investor.

Mining certainly effects after the atmosphere. The Victorian gold enter Australia caused considerable deforestation, following disintegration and arsenic air pollution. Uranium mines likewise include some conflicts to the mining market, not just as a result of the ecological effect, however likewise for its supposed utilize in nuclear power and nuclear tools. Nonetheless, Australian mining firms and the federal government guarantee that no exported uranium will be made use of in nuclear tools.

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