What to know about street and park furniture

By | January 16, 2022


Street and park furniture entail items set in public spaces usually at urban centres. Public spaces include fountains, bus stops, telephone boxes, flower gardens among others. This furniture includes stands for the bicycle and shelters, bollards for parking, litter bins, etc. Street furniture offers comfort more conveniently thus ensuring the safety of both visitors and locals that use them.


Design for street and park furniture is in constant evolution each day. Varying influences and trends affect the way designs are crafted. This makes it a little cumbersome to obtain a perfect match that fulfils one’s desire. However, if fused nicely with the environment around, what results is a surrounding that is tranquil and soothing.


On that note, it is fair to mention how vital getting the perfect furniture is which suits the purpose. The first important guideline is to find out the amount you are likely to spend on procuring a piece of furniture. The fact that these items are exposed to all sorts of environmental elements justifies the need to spend more to get items of quality.


Quality and design should be the number preference before making a purchase. The furniture should have been prepared with durable material to withstand torture from weather elements since its use is intended for the majority of people in the specified public space. Suggestible materials include plastic as well as metal as they can tolerate or rather withstand unforgiving weather conditions such as snowfalls and tough winds.


Additionally, situating this furniture in spaces of heavy traffic of people is another paramount factor worth considering. Some public spaces are occupied by more people than others so it’s up to an individual or the local authority to find out which spaces are the most ideal.


Shape and design should take into account the safety of the users. For instance, furniture that is designed for kids should have smooth angles for the prevention of possible injuries.


Three major emphases concerning street furniture entail safety, comfort, and functionality.

For instance, each piece of furniture is developed to fulfil a specific objective. Consider the shelters at bus stations. They are meant to shelter the people against heat from the sun as we rain. Bicycle stands and/or shelters secure bicycles left by their owners with the trust of the safety of the bicycles.


Safety on the other hand is a concern for every individual. Bollards for parking, secure vehicles, and people in areas of heavy traffic. Similarly, barriers serve the same purpose thus minimising the risk of potential accidents. They are usually installed to warn of any possible obstruction likely to be met.


Street furniture offers comfort to outdoor users in places where they are set. This comfort often comes with the feeling of fulfilment and enjoyment of the surrounding environment. Imagine a park that lacks a bench to sit on and find rest on a sunny day! How awful.


Street furniture is beneficial not only to public users but to individuals for their safety as well. It is, therefore, paramount to protect them against any vandalism or damage. By doing so, you will be ensuring that they serve the objective in the public space where they were set for the greater good of the public which you are a part of.

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