Tips for buying acoustic wall panels

By | June 7, 2022

Noise pollution is a common problem of most work spaces. It can cause a serious problem especially for employees who are engaged in serious work. This is why it is important to purchase acoustic wall panels. The following are a few things that you need to know before you purchase wall panels for your office.

Acoustic panels are used to improve the sound quality of a space. It is made from sound absorbing products which can improve the acoustics of the place. These can help dampen the noise and are available in a white variety of designs and patterns so that they can also improve the aesthetics of the work area.


Why invest in acoustic wall panels

Offices with their  open floors can lead to a great deal of noise. This can be quite distracting for workers and can also lower the productivity. Also a lot of noise is a long run can lead to serious health issues related to hearing problems.

It is critical the work space is productive. If people are unable to understand the directions they would not be able to follow them properly and this can have a negative impact on their performance.

Sound absorbing panels are made from materials like microbial wool. It can prevent the repetitive echo of the sound inside the room. It can create a quiet and relaxing atmosphere which can improve the environment.


Acoustic wall panels are aesthetic

These days acoustic wall panels are available in a variety of styles and design. You can choose from a number of colors and patterns to make sure that it blends well into the work space.

It is advisable to install the acoustic wall panels in spaces where the sound hits the walls. If the room has a single sound source it would be easy to identify. In case they are groups of people working in a single space it is necessary that you install them at a height of 3 to 6 feet for better results. On the other hand if the office comprises of odd shaped rooms with complex sound sources, it is best to get advice from the professionals at the local acoustic shop. They would send a professional to identify the source of the noise and place the acoustic panel strategically to reduce and dampen the noise.

You can choose to have the panels attached to the frame or these can also be fixed directly to the walls. There are certain panels which are fixed in a way so as to leave a gap between the wall and the panel for better results.

Acoustic panels are a great way of reducing the noise in the room. Plus these are also impact resistant and can also absorb the shock. The wall panels are designed from environment friendly materials which are free from any sort of chemicals including formaldehyde. There is absolutely no toxicity and will not lead to any sort of allergies.

Make sure that you install high-quality acoustic sound-absorbing panels for your walls and ceilings to prevent unwanted sounds from causing distractions in your workspace.


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