Tips for purchasing a commercial gas deep fryer

By | July 22, 2022

Commercial gas deep fryers are a great option for restaurants or food businesses which are looking to create delicious and crisp food. The fryer ensures that the food is crispy as on the outside but moist and flavourful on the inside.

There is a whole lot of variety of the fryers available in the market it is necessary for you to look for one which is ideal for your kitchen use. The following are the different types of commercial deep fryers which are available and the features that you should be on the lookout for.

Different types of commercial gas deep fryers

There are a number of deep fryers which are available. The most common of these are the tube fryers which come with the series of tube shape gas powered heating element. These are attached permanently to the bottom of the tubes. This allows for rapid heating and proper distribution of heat. Commercial fryers are known for sediment zones which are areas inside the pot where the oil does not get as hot as the rest of the zone. This means that it is ideal for heavy breaded food items like Chops and fish sticks. The large amount of sediment can settle into the zone and will not get scorched and will not affect the flavour of the oil.

Another reason to purchase a commercial fryer for the kitchen is it versatility. It can cook different types of food items which include breaded items as well as battered items like onion rings and French fries.

You can even choose to go for an open pot commercial fryer which is distinguished by its open drum. The heating element is not submerged in oil thus allowing bottom to be open and easy to clean as well. It has a V shaped bottom and the burners are attached outside the frying pot.

The basket of food can be lifted easily when the cooking is done. Most of these are powered by gas and have heating elements which allow for a uniform distribution of heat and proper cooking.

When it comes to flat bottom fryers you have to choose between the open top fryer as well as a flat bottom. The heating element is attached to the bottom of the frying pot and it has a more rectangular heat transfer area which allows for quick heating and Energy Efficiency. How ever there are no sediment zones in the flat bottom fryer so there is always a chance of the food getting burnt especially if it falls to the bottom it can also affect the flavour of the food. Therefore it is essential that you not choose this if you plan on frying breaded items.

If your kitchen facility only deals in specific food items then you can even go for speciality deep fryers which only cook specific kinds of food. For example you have the funnel cake fryer which has a wide and shallow fry pot and comes with a flat bottom so that the funnel cake can float at the top of the oil when it is done. On the other hand corn dog commercial deep fryer have a narrow and rectangular so that the condoms can be dipped vertically into the oil while cooking. On the other hand doughnut deep fryers are somewhat similar to the funnel cake deep fryer. They also have a large and shallow frying pot with the flat bottom.



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